laughing exercises

Form a circle or select appropriate exercises for people who are seated.

These exercises can be done in any order. If you know of any other exercises, please let us know.

Fake laughter or real laughter: your body doesn’t know the difference. You’ll benefit just by laughing.

Start with the exercises and let them build into spontaneous and continuous laughter.

Remember to breathe throughout the exercises.

Participants can introduce themselves by saying their first name and laughing in any way they choose.

Laughing Exercises:

Wheeeeee–throw your hands over your head and yell weeeee

Wheee Whooo–more of the wheee and yell wooo as you come down and bend at the waist

Whee Wave–throw your hands up in the air one after another. start off slow then speed it up. Just like you would at a stadium.

Alternating Wheee Whooo–do the wave alternating weee and wooo around the circle

The Club Cheer: Ha Ha (raising right hand up on each Ha)
Ho Ho (raising left hand up on each Ho)
Hee Hee (raise both hands up over your head)

Come one, Come All – turn to left, cup hands around your mouth – ho ho; turn to right, cup hands – ha ha; arms open wide – hee heel

Laugh Across – with your arms outstreathed, move your right hand from your left hand along both arms and then reverse.

Chin down-Chin up – chin down, laugh a little, chin up laugh a bit more, chin all the way up laugh a lot. (this can be done sitting or standing)

Bend over and touch your ankles and laugh a little, laughing more as you rise until you’re laughing a lot and standing.

Minnesota Cold Start Laugh– It’s bitter cold and you’re trying to turn over a cold engine. Laugh like a sputtering engine.

Roller Coaster Laugh–Laugh and/or scream as though you were riding.

Animal Laughs– Everybody takes a turn calling out an animal and laugh as they might.

Body Parts Laugh– Laugh like your head, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, shoulders, elbows, knees, feet. All Body Parts Laugh– Do them all at the same time.

Alphabet Laugh–Laugh the alphabet from A to Z at your own pace and in your own creative way.

Transportation Laugh–Laugh like a car, rickshaw, train, airplane, rollerskates, bicycle, just keep calling out names and play act each mode of transportation.

the Tigger Laugh–Laugh and bounce like Tigger (if someone knows the song they can sing it)

Woody the Woodpecker Laugh–just laugh like Woody would. (this is Carol’s favorite)

Pass a Laugh– Each person in the circle creates a unique laugh and it’s passed around the circle as everyone attempts to mimic it.

Laugh the Holidays–Remember each holiday in some way, Many can be remembered in song
(sing in the note of HA)

New Year’s (Auld Lang Syne),
Valentine’s Day (Heart and Soul),
Groundhog Day – imitate a laughing, hiding groundhog
St. Patrick’s Day (Irish Eyes are Smiling),
Easter (Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail),
Memorial Day: AirForce…Off we go !!!
Navy…Anchor’s away
Army…Over hill
Marines…From the halls
Fourth of July (I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy),
Labor Day (Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to work we go…)
Halloween (Adam’s Family theme song),
Thanksgiving (Turkey in the Straw)
Christmas (Jingle Bells).

Greet the Day Laugh – open your arms and laugh toward the sun

Blow up a Balloon Laugh–keep blowing it up until it pops then laugh.

Ice Cube Laugh–pretend an ice cube is down your back

Church Laugh–suppress your laugh

Polka Laugh—dance (laugh) to the tune of the “Beer Barrel Polka”

Hokey Pokey Laugh–put your left ha ha in put your left ha ha out,
put your left ha ha in and turn yourself around…

Laugh the Birthday Song–have someone stand in the middle of the circle

Express Emotions–pick an emotion and laugh it

Interpret the Seasons–Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Tickle Laugh–be tickled or the ticklee

Back and Forth-face off with another person and take turns trying to make the other person laugh.

Celebration Laugh – to celebrate anything, laugh uproariously and jump around

Popcorn Laugh – laugh slowly, then faster while your feet simulate popcorn in the skillet

Rain Laugh – laugh to the tune of Singing in the Rain

Alarm Clock Laugh – ha ha ha as your arms move toward midnight when the alarm goes off laughing.

Skipping Rope Laugh – skip by yourself or as doubles

Licorice Laugh- – laugh like licorice, you’re flopping over from side to side

Pie in the Face Laugh – someone hits you in the face with a pie, surprise, then laughter

Clown Laugh – laugh like only a clown can, i.e. juggling

Sandra Bullock Laugh – laugh then snort and be proud of it

Water Balloon Laugh – pretend you are throwing water balloons, laugh as they hit their targets

I Won the Lottery Laugh–no explanation required!!!

Telephone Laugh – you’re laughing a conversation on the phone or cell phone

Bottle Rocket Laugh – get down low, laugh slow and build as you stand up and blast off into laughter

Dance Laugh – laugh while you’re dancing to the waltz, twist, robot,etc.

Musical Laughs – imitate playing a piano, harp, banjo, flute, drums, harmonica

Weather Laughs – laugh like a tornado, hurricane, rain, sunshine, etc.

Kungfu Laughing – ha ha ha with karate chops and sidekicks hi-ya!!

Bonanza Laugh – ha ha sing the Bonanza theme while galloping on a horse

Tarzan laugh – the jungle laugh

Half-a-laugh – just say HA!!!

Knee Slapper laugh – slap your knee while laughing

AloHa Ha Ha, AloHa Ha Ha – like an Hawaiian dancer

Butt Slapper Laugh- made famous at the Hessler Street Fair and spontaneously created by Dan Chambers 5/21/06 at Harmony Park.

The Breath of Joy Laugh – you raise your arms up to your chest, then outstretched, then over your head, take one-third of a breath of fresh air. With arms over your head,
Forcefully exhale as you bend over toward the floor with an audible “HA”.

The Chicken Dance Laugh- ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ho ho ho ho hee hee hee hee
Hands, arms, twist, you gotta see it to believe it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 2-minute Laugh – that’s right, laugh any way you prefer for two minutes. Blreathe in and out at one minute marker. There are lots more benefits with endurance laughing.

Pause occasionally to breathe in the laughter and breathe out your cares.

The World Laughter Day Laugh—circle arms around body, forming the world as you laugh. Let the whole world hear you laugh.

World Peace Laugh—one hand on heart, the other hand makes the peace sign

Binoculars Laugh— Pretend to view through binoculars, point at something in the distance then begin laughing

Echo Laugh— 2 versions… laugh from the canyon’s edge… hear the laughing echo back
Or… create a laugh and have others in circle, echo it back to you. VERY COOL !!!!

My Favorite Laugh— like Pass A Laugh, except that you get to select your favorite laugh and have the other members enjoy it with you.

Release Your Laughter – hands over mouth, laughing and release hands and arms widely

Laughter in Song: You can substitute any lyric with Ha , Ho or Hee and follow the tune as best you can while laughing…
Sound of Music Bonanza theme song Mickey Mouse Club
You are my sunshine Itsy bitsy spider Row Row Row your boat

Laughter on a platter – present a platter of laughter to someone

Three Stooges Laughter – make a fist with both hands, hit one fist with the other in front of you. The fist you hit arcs up and hits you on the head, and then you laugh!

Proud Laughter – step forward with your held held high and laugh proudly!

Flight attendant laughter – mimic the motions of a flight attendant giving instructions – overhead lighting, aisle lighting, oxygen mask preparation and application – laughing all the while

Throw a Laugh – throw a laugh like a baseball and someone can catch it.

Milkshake Laugh – pour your laugher into a pitcher, then gulp it down

Drink Your Laughter – pour a ho into a glass with one hand, pour another ho with the other – then drink, ha ha ha!

Ending Laugh – form a circle and clap hands/ha ha, hit legs/ho ho ho REPEAT– move toward center, end with whee

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