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Carol Bailey Floyd

Carol is the founder of the Laughing Club of Northeast Ohio and Zentangle Club. She is
former Director of Programs for Mental Health Recovery and WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning) and an Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator. She gives presentations on stress management, fairy gardening, journaling, WRAP, garden journaling, fun and creativity, laughter, and Zentangles. Carol is a Certified Zentangle teacher ( see zentangle.com ).
Her interests include people, books, travel, photography, curiosity, harmony, Zentangles,
and fun. She also has a blog that incorporates a challenge for 1,000 Fun Things to Do celebratepossibilities.blogspot.com

Mary Ellen Neitz

Mary Ellen Neitz has been attending Laughing Club for eight years. She became a laugh leader almost immediately with her creative spark and enthusiasm. Mary Ellen takes laughter seriously. She believes laughter is the best medicine. She has a quirky sense of humor and an infectious laugh. She is well known in the club for her impression of a groundhog.
Mary Ellen is active at First Christian Church of Stow where she sings in the choir and serves on numerous committees. She is self-employed. Sharing her home is hubby Tim , daughter Megan and three pets.

Craig Tatton ~ in memoriam ~ 2/25/1959 – 2/19/2018

I’ve been a Laughing Club facilitator for 8 years. Wow! Time flies when you’re having fun. Having fun, smiling more, enjoying life, smelling the roses and simply “just laughing” have helped me keep a healthy perspective on life.

After a long-term illness, I was seeking “something” to be enthusiastic about. I needed some social interests. After taking a basic Internet class at the Cuyahoga Falls Library, I saw a flier about the Laughing Club of Northeast Ohio. I walked through the door on the first Saturday in January of 2005 and never looked back. It was very different and a little awkward for me but the members were quite friendly and welcoming. I kept coming back every Saturday.

I truly realize the health benefits of laughter and always feel much better after enjoying a genuine belly laugh or simply laughing as an exercise. Laughing is part of my life and part of my “stay healthy” plan.

The nice thing about laughter is that it’s free. You can laugh almost anywhere and it’s very easy to do whenever the need arises. Just pause for a moment, laugh, then carry on with your day.

I’m a Telecommunications Administrator by skill, grandfather, husband, father, son, brother, uncle, cousin and friend. I love to facilitate and promote all that I believe in. Everybody can laugh and anybody can be a laughing facilitator.

I have many artistic hobbies which include playing the African djembe drum, the native-American flute, throwing the “boomerang” and yes, trying to catch it as it returns. smiley face
I also enjoy drawing, coloring, leather crafts, reading, learning new stuff, hiking, walking, spending time with my wife, and watching a good movie(s)…

Dennis Roliff

Dennis is a commercial/editorial photographer based in Akron, Ohio.
He graduated with a degree in Commercial Art from The University of Akron and
also studied under noted New York photographers Alen MacWeeney and
Bruce Davidson. His passion for photography grew from a genuine interest in people.
Over twenty years of experience behind the camera have brought him a variety of commercial and editorial assignments. You can see more of his work at dennisroliff.com
Dennis has been a member of the Laughing Club of Northeast Ohio since 2007.


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